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Local Amenities and Attractions:
Maple Creek offers visitors all the best sights and sounds of the region within distance, either walking or taking day trips from your base, Willowbend Hotel.

The Town of Maple Creek is a small town with a 'big city' attitude! If you forgot anything on your trip, everything is close at hand. We have it all: grocery stores, drug stores, banks, department stores and more.

Visit the Heritage District downtown, giving you that 'old town' look and feel with unique shops, and of coarse

premium museums.

The Town also has several things to offer for your leisure

and recreation, including a 9 hole golf course and outdoor swimming pool.

The area also offers visitors a unique experience within day trip distance: Just 20 minutes south of Maple Creek are the beautiful Cypress Hills. North are the Great Sandhills. Southeast is the T-Rex Discovery Center at Eastend and to the Southwest, the  historic Fort Walsh.

Schedule your trip, Make your plans...

We are Proud Members of The Cypress Hills Grasslands Destination Area! (CGDA)

Contact Us:    Phone: 306-662-2555

Willowbend Hotel   108 Maple Street   Maple Creek, SK   S0N 1N0

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